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Green tea and its undeniable health benefits!

green tea

Green tea, an elixir camouflaged, is one of the least oxidized tea variants. Its buds and leaves are not fermented during its processing, so it retains the majority of the innately loaded antioxidants in the leaves, which gives it the famed health benefits. 


Let’s take a peek into the bounties green tea has to render.


Green tea aids weight loss!

Here’s green tea for weight loss. Yes, you read it right. Green tea benefits in weight loss. The Catechin compounds in green tea help in the shrinkage of fat cells, especially in the belly. In addition to boosting the breakdown of fat cells, the powerhouse compound also revives metabolism and blocks the formation of new fat cells.

However, it is imperative to comprehend the fact that even though green benefits, no one thing alone is enough to have a pay-off.

So, here’s TIP 101 for weight loss;

Green tea, specifically, Matcha as it has the most of the catechin potent in weight loss i.e. EGCG. Having it twice, once in the morning on an empty stomach, about 90 minutes before a workout (yes, WORKOUT!), and once in the evening will make it more fruiting. Alongside, a healthy diet and a workout regimen.

It’s time to get the par-TEA started!


Green tea benefits the skin!

This tea being loaded with antioxidants fights free radicals to prevent signs of ageing.

Thanks to the high content of polyphenols, green tea benefits health and how we love it for its anti-inflammatory properties. The polyphenols called catechins reduce redness, irritation, and swelling. It is a useful tool for treating bacterial growth that causes acne, leading to smoother, toned skin.

There are innumerable perks this tea has to offer to facial skin which extends to the hair as well. From treating sunburns to dark circles to scrubbing those blackheads away to alleviating the chapped lips, green tea can do it all.

Seems like this is what we have been looking for all our life.


This bewitched tea counteracts bad breath!

Did you know? Halitosis is a fancy word for bad breath, most likely to be used by doctors.

Green tea is potent in antioxidants, cleanses and rinses off bacteria from the mouth. It rids off the toxins from the body giving a refreshing feel.

Tea polyphenols are manifested to have microbial and deodorant effects which flees the Volatile Sulphur Compounds, the root cause of Halitosis in the mouth air. Among which green tea shows the largest reduction in their concentration.

The real hit here also is Matcha because the way it is ground gives the same benefits that eating an entire leaf would give.

We now the know the drill to trashing this worry!

Green tea boosts memory!

Here’s a ground-breaking fact for you all; this tea sharpens memory almost immediately after consumption! It has a role in bringing up the cognitive function of the brain as it alerts the brain with the caffeine.

A quick tip to brew your tea the right way. Use a tea infuser/strainer. Preheat the utensil. Heat some (a cup of) water for about 70-80 degree centigrade. Do not boil. Add a tbsp of tea leaves into the infuser/strainer and steep it into the water for a couple of minutes till the flavour mixes with it (not more than 3 minutes). Ta-Dah! There you have your perfect cup of tea on the go!

Conclusively, our day would never be the same without a cup of warm green tea. After all, we do not mind breathing life back into our body from the tip of our toes to that of our brain cells. Green tea benefits are to be reaped from the first cup until old age.

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