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Tea has been an integral part of Assam. We offer you the best loose tea leaf from the origin at a very competitive rate. Choose from the widest range and garden fresh loose leaf tea in bulk delivered at your doorstep.

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Since 1984

We are into the business since more than 2 decades. Our location gives us a strategic advantage for a smoother operation. We are placed at the heart of the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. Being mere ten minutes away from the Guwahati Tea Auction center we are one of the major bulk/ loose tea buyer of Assam. Did you know? The Guwahati Tea Auction centre is the busiest tea auction centre in the world!





Why consider buying Loose Tea Leaf from us?

We are from the Origin, Assam!

Assam is the largest tea growing state of the world. The climatic conditions of Assam makes it produce some of the finest tea in the world. The capital city of Assam houses one of the busiest tea auction center in the world primarily dealing with  loose tea leaf of Assam CTC tea.

Key Highlights

Expertise in buying tea via E-Auction from Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC).


72hrs. promised order handling & clearance from Guwahati to destination (PAN India).

Expert Operations

State of the Art blending and storing facilities. Leading market standards in product development process.

Garden Fresh Loose Tea Leaf,
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The Loose Tea Buying Overview

The minimum order type is of 10 kg. We also do private label packaging for several enterprises of the country.
Our unique resealable pouches ease pouring and delivering a sound ergonomics, thereby retaining the freshness of the teas. Select from the vast collection of loose tea leaf in volume! We are catering delicious bulk teas, classic & organic green teas along with our hand-rolled herbal blends of teas will never let you down!
We offer support to caterers, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and other establishments looking to serve their customers gourmet teas and procuring teas in bulk with our customer-centric and transparent system of handling Business to Business clients since 1984.

We are engaged in the business of blending, packagingretailing, wholesale and auctioning tea in Assam since decades, with its location in the heart of the city of Guwahati, Assam. We have emerged as a pure indigenous beverage entity in the tea sector with a keen emphasis on the quantity and quality of tea with unique taste.

We have already established a niche in the local market as proficient tea tasters of the city.

Guwahati Tea Auction Center (GTAC) is the largest CTC auction center in the world dealing with 161 million kg/annum.

We own an well ventilated & technologically equipped storing and blending facility. Which makes us the peerless unit in Assam capable of handling 20,000 kgs of tea per day.

With our dynamic and well trained workforce, we are a proud women led organization.

Leading at industry standards by the love and support all together.

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Loose leaf tea is now a significant part of our everyday lives. Nowadays, millions of individuals around the globe include many different tea leaves in their everyday routines. In reality, enjoying a hot cup of tea is just one of the greatest things which most of us look forward to each day. Several studies suggest that this healthy beverage has favorable results. Consequently, if you are considering improving health too, then consider beyond loaded dietary supplements and put in a cup or two of yummy loose tea leaves to the diet plan.

Loose leaf tea is precisely the way tea ought to be. If you are new to loose leaf tea and experimentation with it, then it is time to find out a thing or two about it. It does not matter why you are researching the world of loose leaf tea. There are a whole lot of health and taste benefits for everybody. Commercially sold teas are usually CTC tea or merely dust and fannings (leftovers through loose leaf tea manufacturing ). It follows that when it comes to extracting the very best flavor and advantages out of the cup, then loose tea leaves would be the answer. Bagged teas often comprise seeds and stalks which are not very nutritious and may taste bitter. When you purchase loose leaf tea, then you can steer clear of these and make sure you drink the very best brew.

Tea was traditionally brewed for centuries using loose tea leaves. The teabags which are available commercially, which most are knowledgeable about, are just a recent innovation.

In regards to the flavor of loose tea leaves, the very best beverage is attained when tea leaves have been given space to expand as they dimmed. The more space tea leaves need to enlarge, the higher the flavor will be. Loose tea leaves, using their distinctive roots and tastes, will always supply you with a beverage full of antioxidants and flavor.

In the same way, loose tea leaves can be quite helpful, even following their brewing. Tea leaves are biodegradable and may be utilized in compost, maintaining the ground healthy.

Finally, in regards to the quality of beverage, there is not any doubt that loose tea leaves serve not only looks but the best liquor. Quality baits acquired from loose tea leaves are full of catechins and other nutrients and also the ideal method to get rid of toxins, stress, and tiredness from the entire body.

9amtea is a stage that’s devoted to selling only the freshest and finest & garden fresh loose tea in India from Assam. Everywhere around the globe! Our bulk teas are all procured from several gardens of Assam, handmade to match your mind in a variety of varieties. 9amtea provides a number of the best teas of top quality at economical rates. It is simple to purchase the most excellent tea in India from Assam in the kind of tastes and customized combinations only at 9amtea.