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Assorted Sample Pack 2

Jasmine Green Tea:

Made of Jasmine flower and green tea leaves, this blend is a symbol of royal sophistication and elegance, famous for its delicate and sweet scent. The combination of two soothing teas makes this exceptional flavored tea with a refreshing character.

Ingredients: Jasmine Flower & Green Tea leaf.

Recommended:  Without Milk

*Filled with antioxidants.
*Promotes good oral health.
* Promote beautiful healthy skin.

Size: 10 gram pouch.

Chamomile Green Tea:

Best known for its abundant presence of antioxidant and therapeutic cure for insomnia. Made from fine dried Chamomile flower.

Ingredients: Chamomile Flower & Green Tea Leaf

Recommended: Without Milk

*Improves sleep quality.
*Promote blood sugar control.

Size: 10 gram pouch.

Hibiscus Tea:

Made from dried petals & sepals of hibiscus flower. Feel the relish of cranberry like flavor and refreshingly tangy taste.

Ingredients: Dried petals & sepals of hibiscus flower & tea leaf.

Recommended: Without Milk

*Heart Friendly.
*Lowers Cholesterol.
*Treat flu & viral infections.

Size: 10 gram pouch.


Price: 99.00


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